Japanese 越前
Rōmaji Echizen
Alias "Ecchan" by Oota and Miyano
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age 16-17
Height 165 cm (5'5")
Weight Unknown
Blood Type O
Birthday September 17
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Eye Brown
Hair Blonde
Occupation Student
Grade Year 1 Class E
Anime debut Episode 3
Japanese voice Suwa Ayaka

Echizen (越前?) is a female character and one of the protagonists of Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge. She is the childhood friend of Oota and the close friend of Miyano.


Echizen is a tall girl with short, blonde hair that reaches just below her chin. She has brown eyes. Her face is usually kept in a scowl, but this changes whenever Echizen sees or hears about Miyano (Echizen's friend) or sees something cute. She always wears her skirt long, instead of the usual short fashion.


Echizen is quite aggressive toward anyone, excluding Miyano. She gets upset or angry about small things; one example is whenever Oota calls her 'Ecchan'. She also lacks the ability to eat sweets if they are "cute". She easily jumps to conclusions but is very dedicated to helping in what she believes in.


Echizen grew up with Oota as her next door neighbor and childhood friend. Oota has stated Echizen used to come over to his house to eat his mother's homemade donuts when she was young and that his mother was sad that she had not come to visit lately. It is unsure how they drifted apart, but is likely that they attended different junior high schools.

She decided to become a delinquent after an unknown young woman defended young Echizen from being teased for wishing to be a princess. Admiring this woman, Echizen tells her mother her new dream. The lady is likely Satou-sensei.


  • The name Echizen means "jump forward" (越前).
    • Echizen (越前) is the name of an old province in Japan.
  • Echizen likes cute things.
  • It was revealed that Echizen can't eat or destroy cute things.
  • Echizen buys a smartphone in order to contact Miyano after being unable to find each other when meeting for dates.
  • Echizen doesn't know how to use a smartphone. For example: she doesn’t know it needs to be charged daily or how to use a touch screen and she learns to keep pictures of Miyano.
  • It is implied that Echizen calls her mother "Mommy" in private.
    • But, "Ma" to keep up with the delinquent front.
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